Your car will ask you to slow down by 2020

Emission norms in India changed in 2017 and there is change is expected in 2020 in the form of BS 6 emission norms in India. There are lot of changes coming up in automobile industry and government of India is committed to bring euro 6 norms as soon as possible to fight with rising pollution in the country. As present also, especially in Delhi NCR pollution has crossed the danger mark.

euro-6-normsGovernment has already drafted strategy for the implementation and the transport minister is already communicating with automobile companies to make euro 6 vehicle for India. Some of the companies are already exporting euro 6 vehicles around the world and all others have time to do so.

Provisions in BS 6 emission norms

Provisions in BS 6 emission norms (subject to change) include following main points

Cars will alarm you when your speed reaches 80 KMPH

Cars will alarm continuously once the speed reaches 120 KMPH till you slow down.

Cars will come with safety features as standard from base model onwards.

Refineries to product BS 6 compliant fuel for vehicles (Not all are compatible at present even for BS 4)

As per one of the report only few cities have the right grade fuel required for BS 4 compliant vehicles and rest all cities are on BS 3. With considering current situation it would be tough to comment on the possible success rate of BS 6 norms but at least we can hope for the best to ensure reduced pollution. But if implemented correctly then your car will ask you to slow down by 2020.