Writing termination letter for employee

Writing termination letter for employee or terminating an employee is a painful, unfortunate and tough decision and sometimes even more important than hiring new employees. It should be a well thought out move after considering all possibilities of retaining an employee if your business allows.

You can write a simple termination letter instead of making it complex situation with little explanation about why you have decide to terminate an employee from services.

Termination letter for employee should include following

Employment Details

Reason for termination from services

References if applicable

Exit formalities and final pay cheque information

Termination letter sample document

Use this termination letter sample document for reference and edit as per your business requirement.


Dear Employee Name,

This is to inform that you employment with Company name will be terminated officially effective August 30, 2017 (change date).

This action was taken due to our new policy to restructure the company, current business requirements and considering your performance in last quarter.

Your final pay cheque will be issued in next 30-45 days. Our HR and billing executives will inform you about the same in detail. You will have to complete all exit formalities next working day of getting this termination letter.


With warm regards,

Executive Name

Manager HR (change profile)