Out of court settlement in India

There are times when we are in a situation of verbal or non verbal fights with customers, relatives, and other parties and our heart pushes us to fight a legal battle.

You must stop there for a minute to give a second thought.

Use a simple thumb rule, “When in business, Think business” because business is not run by aggression. It should be conducted by being sensible.  Right decision at right time helps you achieve next milestone and one wrong decision is enough to destroy it.

Consider when you think about out of court settlement in India

Saves time for judiciary since they are already overburdened

Saves lot of time involved in legal proceedings

Saves lot of indirect money involved in the form of lawyer fees and other legal stuff

Legal system is complicated to understand and not everyone’s cup of tea

Justice delayed is like justice denied in some cases

How to handle out of court settlement in India

How to handle out of court settlement in India can be a tricky question because there cannot be a specific or accurate answer. With every situation the answer will change but still you can consider the points below.

Stay calm and get into discussions instead of fight

Let others also know about above points

Ask for settlement and do it in written format