How to check tds deducted

TDS is an advance tax companies are required to deduct from total invoice amount and deposit with government. Read on to know how to check tds deducted by company.

Why TDS is deducted

Why TDS is deducted is interesting because with TDS government automatically getting tax paid without even you filing return. The amount is kept with the government until you do all required tax compliance. Amount deducted under TDS is refunded to the company if there it does not fall under taxable slabs set by central government.

How to check tds deducted

To know how to check tds deducted check the image below and follow the steps mentioned.

Step 1:

Sign in with your company’s user name and password on

Step 2:

Click on View 26AS (Tax Credit) link under “My Account” and you will reach to another page.


tds deduction


Step 3:

Click on “Confirm” button. This will open a new tab with pop confirmation.

Step: 4:

Select “I Agree” check box and click on “Proceed” button to complete the process.

Now you should be able to see TDS deducted by companies for complete one year. Check out image below for reference.