Gujrat election dates 2017

Gujrat election dates have been announced for the next state government formation in the state. Election commission made a couple of announcement including election budget for candidates or election spending limit of each candidate contesting for the elections.


Before 2019 election this is like a real test if people still believe PM Narendra Modi’s strategies to run nation since Gujrat is his home and he has also served as Chief Minister of Gujrat state for long time. If BJP comes out in flying colors this election can be directly related to his victory in 2019 because the elections is coming after two big economic decisions, “Demonetization and GST” respectively.

Total voters in Gujrat

There are around 4.33 crore total voters in Gujrat that will cast their vote in order to choose new government in the state.

Gujrat election dates

Polls to be held on December 9, 2017 and December 14, 2017 and vote counting will happen on December 18, 207.

Election spending limit

Election commission has set election spending limit as 28 lacks per candidate for 2017 Gujrat elections. Election spending limit is the maximum amount a candidate can spend for campaign and this includes all promotion medium.

VVPAT machine

VVPAT machine or Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail or Verifiable Paper Record is a method of providing feedback to voters using a ballot less voting system as per Wikipedia definition. This machine gives an instant feedback to confirm that the voting was done correctly. Election commission is trying to bring more transparency in the system by using VVPAT machine.