Appointment letter format for director

Letter of appointment of director or letter of appointment for director for a private limited company is required when you are adding an executive director to manage operations of company or appointing board of director as permanent member. Before you issue any appointment letter on this highest profile we recommend you to do proper reference check of new director that may include, address verification, police verification and previous work profile reference check. Because appointing new director and removing existing director of company are both involve lot of formalities as director are considered as owners of the company.

Appointment letter format for director includes

Appointment letter format for director should involved detailed information of:

Roles and responsibilities


Shares or partnership percentage (if applicable)

Terms of service

Appointment letter sample for director

Use appointment letter sample for director for private limited company below for reference and edit as per your business requirement.

Dated September 29, 2017 (change date)

Subject: Letter of appointment

Dear Mr. Ajay Kumar (change name)


We are pleased to confirm and issue this formal appointment letter for the profile of executive director under the Companies Act 2013.

It was decided at the board meeting held on September 15, 2017 (change date) and was approved by board of directors for you to hold office from October 15, 2017 up to October 14 2022 for a term of 5 years.

This letter also involved terms of service, your responsibilities, duties and liabilities as an independent director of ABC Corporation (change company) during the period of appointment.

You are requested to return a physically signed duplicate copy of this appointment letter to our HR department as a symbol of acceptance of this appointment and to proceed with other joining formalities.


For ABC Corporation

CEO & Managing Director

Arun Kumar

DIN: 1235456

(Change name and DIN)


Terms of appointment

Terms of appointment vary company to company so you can add your own. Remember to write clear description of remuneration details, additional perks, roles & responsibilities, standard policies, renewal of appointment etc.